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What can you expect from SMCS22?

What can you expect from SMCS22?

The Social Media Conference Suriname focuses on the integration of Social Media with Public Relations and Marketing Communications strategies for companies and individuals that want to connect with their audience. In October, we’ll be organizing the 6th edition of the Social Media Conference Suriname. Here are 5 things you need to know about this year’s conference:

1. It’s a in-person event!
Due to COVID-19, the last two editions of the Social Media Conference Suriname were fully digital. With most of the restrictions being lifted, we’re more than happy to announce that this year’s conference will be an in-person event on the 27th and 28th of October and will be held in the Ballroom and Banquet Hall of Torarica Resort. Get ready to meet like minded peers and create some lasting connections!

2. Social platforms, video marketing, online career and more!
We’re excited to cover many aspects of social media and online marketing during this year’s conference. What are the most recent trends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.? How can you create compelling videos for your brand? Is TikTok worth the investment? Get answers to these questions and more during #SMCS22!

  1. Networking & Entertainment

Creating a community is an important goal we strive to achieve each year. Get to know your peers during our various networking activities like the  networking party and networking lunch. We’ll be keeping the fun alive by incorporating multiple forms of entertainment before and after selected keynote sessions.

  1. Some of your favorite speakers are returning

You’ll get to learn from and connect with your favorite speakers once again and get to know some of our new keynote speakers as well. We’ve put together a team of 20+ national and international speakers who are experts in their field to ensure you have an unforgettable conference experience!

  1. Our workshops are back!

There’s a lot to learn at the Social Media Conference Suriname! During our workshops we’ll dive into various aspects of (social media) marketing.

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