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Social Media Radio Show

Social Media Radio Show

What can you expect from Radio Show?

The Social Media Show is a radio show hosted by Manuella Ronokarijo en Rodney Deekman on the Radio10 88.10 (Magic) FM radio station. 

Every week the hosts talk about the latest updates regarding the Social Media Conference and what attendees can expect during those 2 days. They also interview some of the speakers and zoom in on their topics. Each speaker elaborates further on their expertise and knowledge providing further insight for attendees on why they should their session instead of another. 

Because multiple sessions will take place at the same time, it is important for listeners to know in advance which session they will be joining and which they will skip. If you have an All-Access Pass you can get recordings of the sessions you’ve missed. 

If you want to attend to the conference but you don’t want to pay for a ticket, you can win a FREE COMMUNITY PASS when you call in during the radio show. 

Make Tune in on the Social Media Radio Show this Saturday at 3-4pm on 88.10 FM. 

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