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About Us

Our goal is to help companies and individuals realize the essence of social media and how they can integrate it into their marketing strategy. We do this by organizing social media based events where international and national keynote speakers and other experienced professionals share their success stories.

About SMCS

The Social Media Conference Suriname is an annual conference focusing on the developments in the field of Social Media in Suriname, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Since the first edition in 2017, the conference has grown yearly in sessions, speakers and participants from South-America, North-America and Europe. Topics range from Social Media specific topics on Social Media platforms, to connecting Social Media with different aspects of online Marketing, traditional marketing, mobile and app development, e-commerce as well as other emerging markets. Participants range from marketing, PR and Communication Professionals, Corporate Junior and Senior management to Small and Medium Business owners, students, (social) media professionals and enthusiasts.


The Social Media Conference Suriname is not just about sharing knowledge. Our goal is to bring like-minded people together and create lasting connections.


Latest News

What can you expect from SMCS22?
  • August 21, 2020

What can you expect from SMCS22?

The Social Media Conference Suriname focuses on the integration of Social Media with Public Relations and Marketing Communications strategies for companies and individuals that want to connect with their audience.

6 years Social Media Conference Suriname
  • August 24, 2021

6 years Social Media Conference Suriname

In 2017 we had a crazy idea to organize a conference that focuses solely on the developments of social media and online marketing in Suriname and the rest of the world. This year we’re hosting the 5th edition of this conference!

Limited seats available. Purchase your pass today!

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